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Why study with us

The number of students to be admitted at the Degree Course in Veterinary Medicine is established annually by the competent Ministry (MIUR) by means of decree. Candidate students are recruited on the basis of the score in the National level test. The legal basis for this procedure have been defined in 1999 (Law 264, 2nd August 1999). All students with a High School Diploma (no matter which one) can apply to the admission test.

Throughout the curriculum students have to acquire a total of 300 university credits (ECTS). The course lasts five years. Students can acquire up to 60 credits per year.

The curriculum is characterized by:

  • acquiring foundation knowledge in basic sciences including chemistry, biochemistry, physics, plant biology, zoology, animal husbandry, anatomy and physiology;
  • acquiring competences and skills in characterizing and professional disciplines, e.g animal nutrition, animal farming, infectious diseases, pharmacology and toxicology, veterinary pathology and pathological anatomy, inspection of foods of animal origin, veterinary medicine and surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, applied statistics;
  • intra-and extramural practical training (30 ECTS) covering different areas of professional knowledge and providing the opportunity to gain further experience of medical, surgical treatments in a variety of species, food hygiene and inspection, animal welfare. Moreover, students are offered the opportunity to develop communication skills in different areas of the veterinary medicine

Students are also encouraged to acquire methodological and cultural foundations for post-graduated continuous education and for scientific research.


Video of the course (in Italian)


The degree course in Veterinary Medicine of the University of Turin has a long tradition in Italy and worldwide. The Veterinary School of Turin was founded in 1769 by King Carlo Emanuele III, the fourth one in Europe.


The curriculum is approved by the European Association of Establishment for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) since 2010. Next EAEVE visit is scheduled in November 2020.

The National Agency for the Assessment of the University System and Research (ANVUR) assessed the course in November, 2015 and awarded it an excellent rating.

The curriculum also complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards as concerns planning and delivering university courses, continuous training and services for students

  • Planning and delivering university level courses, continuous training and services for students (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s degree and CME courses)


The campus of Grugliasco is well connected with the city of Turin: by bus (Bus 76 stops 100 meters from the main entrance), by the Turin Metro (the metro stop "Fermi" is a 15 minute walk) and by (Grugliasco station, on the Torino-Bardonecchia line, is a 10 minute walk).

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The Campus hosts the School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (SAMEV) with the two Departments (Department of Veterinary Sciences and Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences), the management offices, the Student Secretariat, the Library, the classroom complex, the teaching centre, the Museum, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital with the Emergency Care Unit (opened h24), the Slaughterhouse, the Teaching Farm.


The Campus is home to the modern veterinary teaching hospital featuring 24/7 emergency and intensive care service, and to a multi-species teaching farm. These facilities provide for practical training in small groups and the takeover of essential veterinary competences.


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