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The Degree course in Veterinary Medicine usually lasts five years and is worth 300 ECTS. Ten ECTS out of 300 are acquired with final examination (thesis). Candidates for the Degree are required to prepare the final thesis, devoted to a particular theme in the veterinary field, supervised by an academic tutor. Thesis work is mandatory for the completion of the Degree. The thesis should demonstrate the student’s analytical, literary and technical-scientific maturity. The public discussion of the thesis is aimed to evaluate students’ ability to apply knowledge and understanding and communication skills.

An academic year has the three degree sessions: Summer (normally July), Autumn (normally October/November) and Extraordinary (normally April).

Graduating students must apply in advance via their personal "MyUnito" page and within the following deadlines:


From 1-20 May


From 1-20 September

EXTRA SESSION               

From 1-20 February

Students need to fill out the thesis assignment form, signed by their supervisor and submit this form to the Student Office by the deadlines in the calendar.

Compliance with deadlines is mandatory. Failing that, the graduation will be postponed to the next session

Graduation dates are reported in the calendar of the academic year

Thesis supervisor is usually a professor in the subject chosen for the thesis. Students may choose their supervisor/tutor among the teaching staff of Department of Veterinary Sciences and/or professors that have a contract with the Department at the time of the request.

In addition to the visor, the President of the Degree Course will appoint a co-supervisor based on the thesis topic.

Grades for the “Dissertation Thesis” are awarded by a Commission made up of 11 lecturers, including supervisors/co-supervisors of the theses to be discussed during that particular session.

The Commission’s assessment is unappealable and takes account of the following for the purposes of awarding the degree score:

  • Evaluation of the topic and the content of the thesis: up to a maximum of 7 points (supervisor and co-supervisor);
  • Presentation and discussion: up to a maximum of 3 points (Commission).

The following rules govern bonus points granted when awarding the degree grade: 

  • Graduation before the 5th academic year extra session: ½ point;
  • Graduation before the 5th academic year autumn session: 1 point;
  • Certified international experiences (worthing at least 12 ECTS): ½ point;
  • Completion of at least 33% of optional competences in the Portfolio: ½ point;
  • Completion of at least 66% of optional competences in the Portfolio: 1 point;
  • Completion of 100% of optional competences in the Portfolio: 1½ point

The final grade is expressed in one hundred and tenths and takes into account the student’s weighted average of the marks obtained during the academic career.

In order to obtain a cum laude distinction, the starting grade must pass 110/110 (inclusive of any bonus points). 

The Commission can unanimously award the distinction of "special mention" exclusively in cases of 5 years degree career and a student’s weighted average of at least 105/110.

Worth mentioning for thesis publication can be awarded unanimously by the Commission, upon supervisor suggestion, in case of a thesis evaluation exceeding 8/10.


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